Monolithic polycarbonate

Features and scope
Most often, monolithic polycarbonate is used to solve the following tasks:

Create anti-vandal glazing;
To produce roofs, domes, canopies for various purposes;
Make lampshades and transport glazing;
Create shields and fencing for sports grounds;
Install noise barriers on highways and highways;
Develop city lights and advertising signs;
Carry out shatterproof glazing.
The cost of this material depends on the size of the sheet and its thickness. The thickness indicator is in the range of 1 to 12 mm. The most popular for construction purposes are products of 4, 6, 8, and 10 mm. For the production of lighting equipment, advertising, glazing of transport, sheets with a thickness of 1-3 mm are most in demand.

Advantages of monolithic polycarbonate
Its sheets have many advantages:

High strength. The material is 200 times stronger than glass, so it can withstand high impact and mechanical loads. Sometimes it is used to replace glass elements if it is planned to exert sufficient pressure on the structure.
Good light transmittance. Transparent monolithic polycarbonate has almost the same light transmittance as glass, color – slightly lower.
Low weight. The mass of the material is only half of the mass of sheet glass, which greatly simplifies processing and makes installation more convenient.
Functional flexibility. Sheets can be easily processed in cold and hot conditions while maintaining the original thickness.
Fire resistance. The plastic is resistant to heat. At very high temperatures, it begins to melt.
UV protection. The sheets are coated with a special compound that blocks the negative effects of the sun.
By purchasing goods from us, you get a durable, reliable material that will allow you to implement any construction project.

We have delivery throughout Belarus. We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses, which allows you to select options for different needs.

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