Polycarbonate is a plastic material used to create translucent structures. It is considered a versatile polymer with high strength and high load-bearing capacity. Many people decide to buy polycarbonate to create durable translucent roofs, greenhouses and greenhouses, to implement design projects, to solve construction and finishing problems.

Types of polycarbonate
Hardware stores offer a large selection of polycarbonate sheets of different sizes, colors, shapes. Therefore, before buying, it is important to pay attention not only to the length and thickness of the material, but also to its appearance. There are two types:

Monolithic. Has a continuous homogeneous structure. Outwardly it resembles silicate glass. Possesses high mechanical strength. Monolithic polycarbonate is bought in bulk for the construction of transparent structures, stops, signs, partitions, arches, awnings, as well as for decorative glazing.
Cellular or honeycomb. Consists of two parallel panels connected by stiffeners. The price for this type of polycarbonate is lower than for monolithic. At the same time, it has good translucency, high thermal insulation characteristics, impact resistance and sound insulation. Therefore, often polycarbonate for the roof is cellular polycarbonate.
Profiled monolithic polycarbonate is distinguished separately. It has a corrugated surface and is highly durable.

Sheets of this material are in great demand. This is due to the positive qualities of this material:

Low cost;
Strength (polycarbonate has a high bearing capacity);
Transparency (the light transmittance of colorless sheets reaches 89%);
Safety (the material does not emit harmful substances, is not subject to combustion);
UV protection (achieved by applying a special layer);
High temperature range (sheets are able to maintain properties at temperatures from -40 to +120 ºC);
Durability (the material can be used for 10–20 years).
Polycarbonate is used in construction, agriculture and advertising. Sheets made of this material are a good basis for greenhouses, hotbeds, greenhouses. They can be found as awnings, glazing elements, protective fences on sports grounds.

Recently, they often pay attention to polycarbonate for the roof. This is due to its good performance combined with an affordable price

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