Seeds brussels sprouts Kasio(0.5g)

Origin: Russia

Category: F1
Ripening period: mid-season
Purpose: universal
Fruit shape: wide-elliptical
Number of fruits per plant: 60-70pcs
Fruit weight: 10-15g
Productivity: 2-3.5kg / m²
Resistance to: 2-3.5kg / m²

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Mid-season variety. From planting seedlings to technical ripeness 125-135 days. The plant is 80-90 cm high. The heads are medium, broadly elliptic, 3-4 cm in diameter, dense, blue-green. The mass of one head of cabbage is 10-15 g. Their number per plant is 60-70 pieces. Good taste. The variety is frost-resistant, during the formation of heads of cabbage, it is picky about moisture. Planting rate 3.5-5 plants / m2. Productivity is 2-3.5 kg / m2.

Partner Brussels sprouts KASIO ^ (0.5g) Full description

Brussels sprouts appeared in the arsenal of our gardeners relatively recently. Now this nutritious vegetable deservedly takes its place in the usual diet due to the large amount of vitamins and nutrients. And such a cabbage will be even more useful if you grow high-quality seeds on your site. The seeds of the Casio variety will allow you to do this without much difficulty.

Description of the variety

This variety of Brussels sprouts is mid-ripening. It takes him up to 135 days to give a harvest of small heads of cabbage, the number of which per plant reaches 70 pieces. The variety is distinguished by good quality of the whole cabbage crop with a small percentage of rejects. The plant itself is of medium height (up to 90 cm), leaves are flat, dark green, with a slight waxy bloom.

All heads of cabbage are approximately the same size, up to three centimeters in diameter. The head itself is dense, in the shape of a flattened ellipse, the color is characteristic green with an emerald hue. On average, the mass of one head of cabbage is ten grams.

For its intended purpose, the variety is most often used in salads, for stewing and baking. The cabbage is pleasant to taste, slightly sweet and juicy.

For harvesting for future use, the heads of cabbage should be frozen. Before freezing, the heads of cabbage are washed, blanched for a couple of minutes in boiling water, cooled under a stream of cold water, allowed to drain and laid out in bags.

Suitable for commercial cultivation due to its excellent appearance and taste.

Features of care and cultivation

Keep in mind that the variety belongs to the medium early, the harvest will be ready 135 days after the first shoots appear. More than three kilograms of the crop can be harvested from one square meter.

Fertilizers should be applied two to three times during the entire growth period and, if necessary, treated against pests. Casio, like any cabbage, loves water, so regular watering is required. In general, care for this Brussels sprouts is standard. It is practiced 20 days before the expected harvest to pinch the top of the head to stimulate the growth of the set heads.


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