About Us​

Smart Import/Export Solutions

IMEX is an international wholesale e-commerce platform linking SMEs to factories worldwide, matching demand for manufactured goods with a wide range of providers from multiple countries of origin, without any brokerage charges or service fees.

Sourcing platform for importers in all industries

Surf through a wide range of manufacturers and importers in the Shop section on IMEX. Search by category, by preferred country of origin or find your referred store. You may easily pre-order samples or request quotations for wholesale deals and get in touch directly without any intermediary with the exporter.

Export platform for factories around the globe

List your business on IMEX and reach out to millions of potential importers around the globe. Create your own wholesale e-commerce store free of charge and get the chance to match with interested clients, partners, franchisees,  dropshippers, affiliate marketers and more.

IMEX is your ideal solution to manage sample orders from potential wholesale clients and to receive inquiries from potential importers.

With our user-friendly exporter interface, IMEX constitutes not only a space for product listing and ordering, but also a stock management and client relations management interface.

The Shared Shipping Initiative

Are you looking for space on an incoming container? Or do you have some empty space to share on a container coming your way? IMEX is a platform for importers to share container space, allowing, on one hand, the feasibility to import limited quantities of an item without having to bare extra-ordinary charges. That is by booking empty space on an already-incoming container. This helps reduce, on the other hand, the shipping costs bared by the container importer, as these can get shared by other importers in need of a share of the container space.

The Shared Shipping Initiative also allows importers to manage pre-orders of items planned to be shipped in the future. With its user-friendly dashboard, IMEX is the ideal solution to list your incoming containers and market your imported products ahead of shipping.